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Employment Services
Jobs in Germany

Professional job placement for applicants - competent personnel services for companies.

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Temporary Staffing Direct Placements and Recruiting

We help people from abroad to find attractive jobs in Germany.

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Employment Services

We offer you comprehensive employment services in the field of temporary employment and direct placements.


Job Services

We help you to find short-term and long-term jobs in Germany in a variety of different industries.


Organization & Coordination

We help you to organize your job in Germany, to find an accommodation and to get employed here.

Logistics & Transport

We support you with suitable jobs in the field of logistics & transport.

Industry & Production

Whether in manufacturing plants, production lines or quality control, we will find attractive jobs for you.

Care & Health

Our customers convince with a fair payment, friendly employees and a great team spirit.

Office & Finances

To have the right jobs in the office as well, we support you with jobs in the commercial area.

Are you looking for Jobs in Germany?

Send us a non-binding application and let us convince you of our job opportunities in a variety of German companies.



Our experience has allowed us to satisfy applicants in a wide range of fields. Our expertise is based on years of experience and a highly qualified team.



We process our applications quickly and competently and find the right jobs according to your individual requirements. Due to our expertise we are able to find the right job quickly.



We are constantly looking into the latest methods of job recruitment and find jobs quickly and effectively in all regions of Germany.



It is important for us to be fair and transparent towards our employees and clients. We handle all requests with the utmost care.

Attractive jobs in all cities of Germany

Our company provides you with jobs in all cities of Germany. We review your profile and conduct a non-binding job matching process so that you can find your dream job.

  • Attractive jobs in all sectors and cities
  • Good pay including many bonuses
  • Christmas bonus, vacation pay and capital-forming benefits
  • Full social security and all employee rights
  • Fast, convenient job search with our support
  • A warm, friendly advisor who supports you
  • The all-round carefree package with intensive support

Zeitarbeit Firma


Are you looking for a Job in Germany? Apply now!

Appreciation & Fair Salaries | With Experience & Without Experience

Persowerk stands for fair work, which is paid above the collective wage agreement. Our customers need employees, i.e. to cover absences due to illness, vacation or order peaks. In addition, our customers use temporary staffing as a “strategic recruiting tool”. This means that your chances of being taken on by the customer are very high if you are suitable.

With Persowerk, you can develop yourself further and find the perfect job within the framework of temporary employment and placement in order to be happy and satisfied in your career in the long term. As a modern, family-run company, we are looking for people who want to develop further and are keen to take on exciting tasks.

Contact Information


Persowerk Deutschland GmbH (persowerk.com) offers a broad portfolio of employment services – from temporary staffing and permanent placement to full-service add-ons. We offer solutions tailored to your specific needs. Companies can request and book a wide range of personnel through us. Persowerk is characterized by good communication, solution-oriented processes and the highest quality of personnel. We take the time to understand your company and your specific requirements and provide you with customized assistance.


Persowerk Deutschland GmbH

Speditionstraße 15A // Startplatz

40221 Düsseldorf


Tel: +49 176 / 76725559


Our area of operation covers all of Germany.

Our Reviews

Over the time, we have been able to collect reviews from our employees and customers. Below you will find a small excerpt of our reviews. If you would like to read more reviews, feel free to click through and get your own impression.

What is temporary employment?

Temporary employment refers to an employment relationship in which workers are employed by an employment agency and loaned out to other companies. It offers a variety of advantages to both companies and employees. For companies, it provides a flexible solution to bridge short-term staff shortages, cope with seasonal fluctuations or temporarily bring specific expertise into the team. This enables companies to adapt quickly to changing market conditions while always operating with qualified personnel. For employees, temporary work often offers an entry into the job market or the chance to gain versatile experience in different industries and positions. They benefit from a permanent position with the temporary employment agency, which provides ongoing training, fair remuneration and social security. This creates a win-win scenario: companies can increase their efficiency and process orders without delay, while employees benefit from the variety and development opportunities in different work environments.

What is personnel placement?

Permanent placement refers to the process by which temporary employment agencies find suitable candidates for open positions and place them accordingly. The main focus is on identifying, selecting and placing applicants for permanent employment. Employment services help companies fill vacancies with the best-suited professionals in a targeted and efficient manner. This allows companies to focus on their core competencies while ensuring they have the skilled workers they need to remain competitive. For job seekers, a recruiter serves as a valuable partner who understands individual career goals and actively helps find the ideal job. This reduces the application burden and increases the chances of being positioned in a company that matches both professional qualifications and personal value culture.

What are the differences between temporary employment and permanent placement?

Temporary employment and permanent placement are recruitment services, but they differ in their basic principles and objectives. Temporary employment refers to a model in which workers are hired by a temporary employment agency and “loaned” to other companies. In this model, the worker remains formally employed by the temporary employment agency, even though he or she performs work at another company (the hirer). Permanent placement, on the other hand, refers to a model in which the employment agency helps a company to find permanent staff. The goal is to find a candidate who will be employed directly by the seeking company. The employment agency usually receives a commission for the successful placement of a candidate. It therefore does not act as an employer, but merely as an intermediary between the candidate and the company seeking to fill a vacant position.