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Persowerk is a German Employment Agency specializing in temporary employment and personnel placement. We find custom-fit solutions for all areas of personnel management.

  • Additional staff for large projects or time-limited peak periods
  • Reduced hiring risk through flexible employee leasing
  • Carefully selected personnel who meet high quality criteria
  • Efficient recruiting channel to attract new employees in the long term
  • High customer satisfaction due to high competence and low fluctuation
  • Cost savings through outsourcing of all administrative costs
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Employee leasing / Temporary employment

In case of personnel needs such as seasonal peaks or other temporary projects, we provide you with our employees.


Temporary employment with takeover

Test the technical skills of our employees over a temporary period, with a view to taking them on if suitable.


Personnel placement and recruiting

We search and find new personnel based on your requirements profile and place them with you for direct employment.

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Temporary Employment

Temporary employment is a special employment model in which an employment agency “leases” employees to another company for a certain period of time. The temporary worker’s contract is with the employment agency, which is also responsible for remuneration, social benefits and other labor law matters. For companies, temporary work offers flexibility by allowing them to meet short-term staffing needs without making long-term commitments. For employees, temporary work can provide opportunities to experience different work environments and gain diverse experience.


Personnel Placement

Personnel placement refers to the process whereby a personnel service provider helps companies recruit suitable candidates for vacant positions. The personnel service provider uses its resources and network to identify, contact, and introduce suitable candidates. Staffing services can be for both permanent and temporary positions. The personnel service provider receives a commission, often calculated as a percentage of the placed candidate’s annual salary, once the candidate is successfully hired. For companies, staffing services can save time and resources in finding and selecting qualified candidates.
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Your Benefits with Persowerk

  • Fast additional workforce: Get additional support quickly for large orders and new projects.
  • Reduced hiring risk: Reduce costly hiring mistakes by testing different employees without risk.
  • Great agility and flexibility: Respond to staff shortages without committing to long-term, legal obligations.
  • Administrative and cost savings: Hand over responsibility for all administrative tasks to us.
  • Efficient recruiting: Get fast and effective access to new professionals we recruit with our expertise.
  • High satisfaction: Generate additional knowledge around employee search and support.

Our Reviews

Over the time, we have been able to collect reviews from our employees and customers. Below you will find a small excerpt of our reviews. If you would like to read more reviews, feel free to click through and get your own impression.

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Persowerk Deutschland GmbH (persowerk.com) offers a broad portfolio of employment services – from temporary staffing and permanent placement to full-service add-ons. We offer solutions tailored to your specific needs. Companies can request and book a wide range of personnel through us. Persowerk is characterized by good communication, solution-oriented processes and the highest quality of personnel. We take the time to understand your company and your specific requirements and provide you with customized assistance.


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How does temporary employment work?

Temporary employment refers to a particular model of employment between two companies: the temporary employment agency (also called the lender) and the hirer. The process begins when a company (the hirer) has short-term or project-related staffing needs that it cannot meet through its regular employees. Instead of hiring a new employee directly, the hiring company turns to a temporary employment agency to temporarily “borrow” an employee. This has the advantage that the hiring company can respond flexibly to changes in staffing requirements without having to make a long-term commitment. The temporary employment agency, is the actual employer of the temporary worker. It concludes an employment contract with the employee and assumes all associated legal and administrative obligations, such as wage payment, social security contributions and vacation arrangements. In return, the temporary employment agency receives a fee from the hirer for supplying the employee, which usually corresponds to the employee’s wage costs plus a margin for the temporary employment agency.

What are the advantages of temporary employment for companies?

Temporary employment (employee leasing) offers companies a wide range of strategic and operational advantages. Particularly in a constantly changing business environment, temporary employment enables companies to remain flexible and adaptable. A key feature of temporary employment is flexibility. Companies can respond quickly and as needed to staffing requirements without making long-term commitments. This is particularly useful in industries with seasonal fluctuations or for sudden projects that require specific expertise. In addition, companies can significantly reduce their hiring risk. The temporary employee can be tested for a longer period of time, minimizing costly mis-hires. Temporary employment is also popular as a recruiting channel to find and employ valuable professionals for specialized work. Temporary employment offers companies the opportunity to remain competitive and agile by allowing them to quickly and flexibly adapt their staffing strategies to current business needs.

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Have we made you curious?
We would be happy to advise you personally on your next project.

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